Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Life has been full!

I've had several photo shoots...




Photographed a beautiful wedding...


Crocheted some new items for my shop...

 boots 1

 slippers 1

 cowl 1

Had date nights...


(This is me complaining that I can't hit the target. I was getting pretty frustrated!)

Woke up to this hanging out in my dining room window...

(I quickly slammed the window shut and left a message for Mike letting him know it would be waiting for him when he got home from work.)

Went on a ten mile bike ride with the kids. There was a very dark and long (.7 of a mile!) tunnel on the trail. It was freaky. The kids were brave! (We had lights.)


Our bike project continues and we were recently interviewed for the newspaper! (And I just realized that I probably never shared on here about my bike project. I'll have to remedy that asap!)


We took a trip to the zoo and Living Treasures...


 And, thanks to our public library, got our Little Free Library up and running!!! (More on this soon!)


We have six more days of summer before school starts up again... and we plan to remain busy and enjoy every last minute of summer vacation!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Jackson ~ One Year Old

I had the privilege of photographing Jackson when he was a newborn. I recently got to meet up with him again now that he is turning one.

What a cute kid!!!












Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Living the Dream

It was a few years ago that I started hearing an interesting answer to a very common question. The question was... "How are you?"

The answer...

Living the dream.

It got me thinking... are they really living their dream?
What would it look like to be living my dream?

And then, this year, it happened.
I realized I was living my dream!

I was never one of those girls that grew up dreaming of getting married and what my wedding day would be like. I didn't dream about what my family would be like. I never had a five or ten year plan. Or a dream job in mind. But there is something I did want... I wanted to be the house in the neighborhood where all the kids hung out.

I got married and had a beautiful wedding day. I do have a wonderful and fun family that I enjoy so much. And I also got my dream! Two years ago we bought a house in a neighborhood that had a ton of kids. So many people tried to talk us out of it. So many said "don't move there!! It's not a good place to raise your kids." But we moved there. We met the people. We made tons of new friends.

And the kids started coming! And coming. And coming.

Just last week a lady walked by and this short conversation happened as I was walking to my car...

NEIGHBOR: Did that get turned into a daycare?
ME: Did what get turned into a daycare?
NEIGHBOR: That house.
ME: *pointing to my house* That one?
NEIGHBOR: Yeah... I always see all the kids there.
ME: Oh... no... that's just my house!

Dream come true. :)

I love visiting with the kids and hearing about their days. I like that they come to us for help with their bikes. I have no problem walking away from the dishes and cleaning to sit on my front porch and hang out with the kids. On hot days we leave a cooler of water outside so they can stop by for a drink. We pass out popsicles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

And we have the opportunity to teach them... about forgiveness and getting along. About acceptance, boundaries and respect. About honoring their parents.

My life is far from perfect.
But I am living my dream!


Note: All the kids that hang out at my house have great parents that are teaching them about life too!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Victory

My heart is heavy.
So much death and violence happening in our world.

I don't watch the news but I'm still overwhelmed by all the talk I hear...
Deadly illness.
Children being beheaded.

Unimaginable things.

My heart has been yearning for answers this past week. It needs hope. Light. Life.

I've been listening to a song that reminds me that at the end of this life is life everlasting for those who place their trust in Jesus Christ. It has helped my heart as I listen to it over and over.

I'm still sad.
I still cry over some of these events.
But it's not quite as dark... because even though we have so many awful things happening in our world, so much death... death has ultimately been conquered. There is Life to look forward to.

Never stop praying.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Good Times!

I'm in St. Marys visiting with family and working this week. I arrived today and when Dad got home from work he told me he needed to show me something. He handed me an article from the newspaper that was printed just a month ago.

The newspaper ran an entire special section celebrating all the things that happened in the 100 years of Berwind Park. The two high schools from my hometown both played their first seasons of soccer at that park... so we made the celebration!

 IMG_2487 1

The article featured a photo of both teams and then recapped our first seasons. It was such a fun article to read and it brought back a ton of memories. My freshman year was the first year our county had high school soccer teams. My school had a whopping 17 players. (That's sarcasm... if you don't know, soccer teams need 11 people on the field. 17 doesn't give you much extra!)

The year was 1993... and we lost every game but one.
We lost big.
I laughed through the entire article as I was reminded of just how bad we lost... 9-1, 12-0... it's hysterically painful!

But it was our first year.
And we were a small school with a small team.
And even though we lost... we had fun.

And there's nothing quite as exciting as having your only win be your very last game of the season in double overtime. I can still feel the intensity. The NEED to win. The excitement of actually achieving that!!

The article by Becky Polaski ends on this note...

ECC did not play again until Thursday, when they wrapped up their season by hosting Ridgway at Berwind Park. Hoping to end on a positive note, the Crusaders rallied twice and edged the Ekers 5-4 in double overtime for the first and only win of the season.

According to the account of the game that appeared in The Daily Press, Ridgway lead a 2-0 lead late in the second quarter, but a penalty kick by Keith Meister left ECC trailing 2-1 at the end of the first half. Meister tied the game at 2-all early in the third period, but then Ridgway pulled back ahead with a late goal. Another Elker goal halfway through the fourth left the Crusaders trailing 4-2, but then Laura Undercoffer (that's me!!) scored and Meister completed his hat trick to knot the game at 4-all. Neither team scored in the first overtime, and then Joe Lenze sealed the victory for the Crusaders with a goal three minutes into the second overtime to set the final score at 5-4. The victory gave ECC a season record of 1-12.

We practiced. We played. We lost a lot. We got discouraged. But we kept practicing and we kept playing and it was all worth it. Winning never felt as good as it did during that final game of our first season in double overtime.

It was so much fun to remember that season. Such strong memories! And then I realized it all happened 21 years ago and felt very, very old. The end. :)


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