Monday, September 22, 2014

8 Years

Today marks eight years with my beautiful Liza Mae!

She is one-of-a-kind and brings so much joy to my life. Liza is one of my greatest blessings and she has taught me to see things differently, to do life differently. She makes me a better person.

This picture...


That is Liza when she was 11 months old... walking along a beach in Florida, confident, afraid of nothing... like she owned the place.

Liza still walks with confidence today. She is a leader. Her mind amazes me. She takes on problems instead of running away from them. She stands tall and overcomes her weaknesses. She considers others and gives everyone a chance. She loves. She laughs. She brings light to the dark places.

My sweet, sweet Liza... I want to be more like you.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Cookie Table

If you go to a wedding in Western Pennsylvania and there is not a cookie table you will likely be disappointed... because you would have been expecting one.

What is a cookie table?

It's a table that is loaded with cookies that never seem to disappear. The cookie table is an amazing thing! It's the place you walk past a gazillion times while at a wedding reception and likely grab another cookie every time. It's what we do here. Mountains of cookies. It's heaven!

Usually some relatives or friends all pitch in and make tons of cookies for the bride and groom. Dozens and dozens and more dozens of cookies. I am always thankful for those people that spend time baking so I can enjoy the delicious cookies!!

Have you heard of the cookie table?
Is there a wedding tradition that is only found in your area?

















Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Directly Help a Victim of Sex Trafficking

I went to a conference over the weekend and one of the speakers was Leigh Ramsey. Leigh founded SHE Rescue Home. This ministry is based in Cambodia and rescues victims of sex trafficking and works with the girls to get them reintegrated into their society.

While at the conference I purchased a purse that was made by survivors. It was a small way to support them.


But what really got me was the bag that they put it in when I made my purchase.


That is the handprint of a survivor. To give you a clue as to size... it's about the size of my Liza's hand. A child's hand. A young child's hand. It broke my heart.


When I got home I took the time to get on the website and look around... find out more about what SHE Rescue is about. I read and read...  About how it all got started. About girls that can be sponsored. About their products.

And then I found a link to "project needs", clicked and that's when an idea grew!

I read about how a survivor is now back home but her community does not have toilets. The cost of getting her a toilet is $440 and donations can be made in $20 increments. Soooo... that means if 22 people give $20 we can get this girl a toilet! We can do that right!? I mean... for all that this child has been through I think she deserves a toilet! A chance to feel safe instead of afraid.

That's the toilet. Nothing fancy... but it's a toilet!

I want to get a girl a toilet! And I want you to help me!
Over the past two years I have given money to organizations that fight human trafficking. I still give. Human trafficking... slavery!... is a real and current issue and it happens everywhere. But sometimes I like to know exactly what my money is getting and this is my chance to do that! And I have learned over the years that when a few people do a little bit it can accomplish something really big!

Here is how we can work together to get a victim of sex trafficking a toilet...

You should see SHE R06 - $440 for a Toilet.

Easy peasy. $20. Or more if you want!
Here is what the site says about SHE R06...

 SHE R06 lives at home with her family. In her village there is no toilet, so she is often forced to find a quiet, hidden spot in the community, which can be scary for her given that she has a past of sexual exploitation. The provision of a toilet will provide her and her family with dignity, hygiene, and a sense of safety.

Who is SHE R06?

Let's get her a toilet!!

Only have $5 to give? No problem! Just ask three more friends to pitch in $5 each! Talk to your co-workers and friends. 22 people to give $20. I'm number 1 and Mike is number 2. Twenty more people! If you donate leave a comment or send me a message letting me know. You can simply say "I'm in!"

When you go to pay, it will take you to Paypal to sign in. If you do not have Paypal you can click the link that says "don't have a paypal account?" and choose a different option.

Sex trafficking is such a huge problem that it can be overwhelming and cause people not to act. This is a way for us to break it down, begin conversations and help at least one child who was a victim and is now a survivor!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thank You God For Saving Me!!

Earlier this week I heard someone make a comment that they hoped another person got what they had coming.

I'm sure that many of us, myself included, have had that very thought at some point in our lives.

But this time, when I heard it, that saying anchored down and has remained in my heart... turning and turning and turning. Reminding me that I don't get what I deserve. I deserve death. A life apart from God. I am a sinner. I have done so much wrong in this life. I don't DESERVE what God has done for me.

But he did it anyway.
He gave his Son.
For me.
A sinner.

He paid my debt.
He took what I deserve so I didn't have to.

I am so thankful that I don't have to get what I deserve.
I am so thankful that my God loves me unconditionally and made a way for me to have a relationship with him.
I am so thankful that he has saved me!


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